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Whether you’re opening a new business or remodeling an existing space, we’ve got the experience and expertise to help. Working in collaboration with property managers, building owners, as well as tenants, we can facilitate all of your design and construction requirements. At Jax GC Construction we specialize in:

  • Retail
  • Office
  • Hotel
  • Clinic
  • Warehouse
  • Studio


In addition to the specific costs and work required for tenant improvement, there is the potential for hidden costs which can undermine your budget turning a simple remodel into a complicated and costly undertaking. Tenant requirements for an existing space and the scope of work for this type of project can potentially include a variety of trades and services. That’s why it’s crucial to enlist the help of a contractor with experience estimating jobs in this particular area of construction.

Some of the costs to consider for tenant improvement include:

  • Construction Costs
  • Architectural Costs
  • Permit Costs


As diversity of improvements can be made, based on the specific needs of the tenant, a  qualified contractor experienced in tenant improvement renovation projects should be hired.  

At JAX GC we design, price and build construction projects based on current building technologies, trends and past project experience. We guarantee that your project will be completed on time and on budget. Our customer feedback shows satisfaction with a high-quality, finished construction project.

As seasoned professionals, we are quick to respond to our customer’s needs and are prepared to think outside the box to deliver the best solutions to any problem. Whether you need more space, existing conditions evaluations or already have the plans but haven’t found the right general contractor, then we have the expertise and commitment to excellence you’ve been looking for.

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Jax GC proudly serves North Florida for all of your general contracting needs regarding residential and commercial projects. We combine experience and craftsmanship with high-level organizational skills to complete work on time, on budget and on point.

We completely understand the importance of a collaborative relationship with our clients in order to achieve the best possible outcome. We strongly believe that passion is the key to any successful project which is why we only work with the best architects, designers, and sub-contractors to complete every project to the highest standard.


You’ll find us not only highly experienced but considerate of the cost of improving or renovating any space, from concept to completion. As general contractors we offer a range of services within the building industry including but not limited to:

  • New projects
  • Build/Design
  • Renovations
  • Upgrades


At Jax GC we possess an eye for detail that other general contractors just don’t have. When it comes to your project costs we’ll make sure we include the things that can easily be overlooked and have the potential to be devastating to your budget:

  • Electrical Work
  • Plumbing Repairs, Relocations or Additions
  • Mechanical Issues such as HVAC
  • Out of Date Equipment or Deferred Maintenance Issues
  • Outlets, Fixtures, Switches, Service Panels
  • Sprinkler Systems
  • Paint and Flooring
  • Having Walls Removed or Moved
  • New Doors and Windows

Your peace of mind is always our priority.

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Horizontal drilling is commonly used to run utility lines such as electrical, water, sewer and gas lines underneath roads, railways and rivers without the need to dig trenches. This trenchless drilling technology saves contractors time and money by no longer having to close down area infrastructure, bring into site expensive excavating equipment and spend weeks installing new utility lines using traditional methods. In most cases, horizontal drilling technology will allow for more accurate grade and depth of the new line as they are GPS guided for an extreme amount of accuracy.


Pros of horizontal drilling:

  • Reduces Construction Time
  • Protects Existing Environment
  • Reduces Restoration Costs
  • Protects Heritage Properties
  • Reduces Impact on Residents and Businesses
  • Minimal Disruption Existing Infrastructure

As your horizontal drilling experts, we can provide the latest technologies and equipment to complete your job. Horizontal drilling can be a challenging undertaking but at Jax GC Construction, we have the work ethic and hands-on approach that ensures you can trust your project with us.

We provide precision tools, results, experience, integrity and a highly skilled team of technicians offering a complete service and expert solutions. Our horizontal drilling technique lessens surface impact with an improved, more precise outcome, providing our clients with superior technology, solutions and essential services.

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At JaxGC Construction we have the technology to build durable, hurricane resistant concrete structures at reduced costs with superior quality. Monolithic structures are constructed, cast or excavated from a single piece of material, typically as concrete buildings such as multi-family apartment buildings.  

Monolithic construction is a method where a structure is built using homogeneous material. Specifically, this technique contributes towards solving a myriad of construction challenges. Home owners and businesses thinking outside of traditional wood-frame are looking towards precast concrete structures for many reasons.

  • Minimizes cost without compromising on strength
  • No brick, blocks or plastering
  • Quick and efficient alternative to traditional modes of construction
  • Superior finish without plastering
  • Reduced completion time
  • Safer and energy efficient
  • More sustainable, durable and long lasting
  • Earthquake proof and hurricane resistant

Technological advancements means we are constructing better, stronger and firmer concrete and in the contemporary construction landscape we can be considerably more time and cost efficient in our building practices; the precast process is constructed to architectural plans in factory-controlled conditions and assembled on-site.

Our precast concrete walls are structural, but can also serve as the finished surface on the outside of a building. Since these low-maintenance panels will not burn or rot over time they are the preferred industry standard.

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Generally, it’s difficult to be definitive when it comes to what projects your handyman is capable of or qualified to do but at JaxGC Constructions our team are both experienced and highly skilled in the construction industry, so you know you’re hiring right professional for your project.

At JaxGC Construction we are fully staffed and licensed to accommodate all your handyman needs. Our team have the skills and experience to deal with all project repair and maintenance requirements:

  • Drywall
  • Electrical
  • Flooring
  • Grout
  • Gutter
  • Lighting
  • Plumbing
  • HVAC
  • Handicap Accessibility
  • Storage


Our handyman department is not only capable of taking on all repair and maintenance projects but we also guarantee our work. Our team are skilled and seasoned veterans in the construction industry. Hiring the handyman services of JaxGC is the best decision for your home, investment or commercial property and for your peace-of-mind.

Reliable, trusted, and professional, we can help you save time and money from contact to project completion. Our staff will help you prioritize major and minor repairs and maintenance needs. Our reputation as professional and caring means we arrive ready to work. For all your repair and maintenance needs you can rely on JaxGC Construction to get your project back on track.


One of the biggest complaints we hear about other handyman or repair services is that the work is unreliable and messy. Our team take pride in their work and we only hire the best in the industry, so you don’t have to worry about mediocre work or cleaning up once the job is complete.

As professionals in the industry we are fully insured with all work guaranteed.

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